Vedicook is about cooking with deep knowledge about the effects of food on the mind, body and heart. I strive to support others with recipes that nourish, cultivate balance, and establish a peaceful relationship with other living beings. I utilize the wisdom of ayurvedic principles, modern science, and the yoga tradition’s value for non-violence in our recipes. I hope you and your family enjoy and benefit from the images, stories, and instructions within… I hope you discover a healthier belly and relationship to food… I hope you begin to take the principles here to create your own delicious and nourishing creations. May have fun and pleasure in cooking, eating, nourishing others, warming to the heart, calming to the mind, balancing to the body.

The Recipes here emphasize:

  • Sattvic foods
  • Fresh, organic and seasonal veggies
  • Healthy fats & oils
  • Whole grains
  • Legumes
  • A balance of the 6 tastes (called rasa)

The Recipes here are free of:

  • eggs
  • meat, fish, poultry
  • garlic
  • onion

In addition, gluten-free & dairy-free options are always provided for ease of digestion in those cases where one’s system is hyper-sensitive to heavy foods.

Please note that a yogic diet and an Ayurvedic diet is not always the same! The purpose of an Ayurvedic diet, is healing.  As such, there are circumstances in which eggs, meat, garlic and onion are utilized.  For example, for one suffering from emaciation, bone marrow broth may be traditionally prescribed, for a period of time, to restore strength.  For one suffering congestion or bacterial infection, garlic may be prescribed, for a period of time.  Yet, for one who is healthy and balanced, the Ayurvedic tradition also promotes an emphasis on the yogic (sattvic) diet, for the most part.  For, afterall, from the Ayurvedic perspective, the reason one aspires toward health is so that he or she may live long enough to endeavor to re-discover the Self… the One consciousness that is the source of all… that is limitlessness itself.

Our first experience of food is from mother.When I was six years old, my mom was tired of me waking her up before the sun because I wanted breakfast and couldn’t wait… so she taught me how to put together my own breakfast… I fell in love with cooking and with taste.

While classic banter between my paternal grandparents was, “What are ya makin’ fah dinnah?”…  “Res-ah-vations!” (insert New York accent for authenticity), my mother’s side was just the opposite when it came to food.  My mother, aunts, grandmother, and both  great grandmothers on my mothers’ side were major cooks… everything was made fron scratch (seriously, I’ve never eaten a  twinkie) I have clear memories of my great-grandmother, “Sitoo” moving her hands swiftly back and forth, rolling dough at the kitchen table, her many thin gold bangles clammering and vibrating with each thrust of her arms.  Then there are stories of my other great-grandmother, “Sitah” making Shishkhabob for hundreds of church-goers.  And the memories go on and on of laughing, rolling, heating, spicing, sprinkling, hand-mixing, kneeding, tossing, and waiting in the kitchen.

I became a vegetarian at 14, and the interest in food and taste continued… then came meditation and both formal and informal study of vedic texts and yoga and Ayurveda… all refining my understanding of our relationship with taste, family, love, health, and joy as it relates to food.

Contained in these pages I hope to share with my ayurveda clients, friends, yoga students and loved ones – knowledge of food and cooking and generally spending time in the kitchen… that we may deepen our relationship to the rhythms of nature – discovering wellness a long the way.  I’ll include recipes, tips, stories, ancient teachings and more.  I welcome your feedback & participation.  Bare with me, because I come from a long line of women who don’t use recipes or write anything down! It’s all handfuls and pinches and “until it looks / smells / feels right”.

with Love,



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