Simple Shortbread

Butter cookies are simple..and this recipe is super simple.  You can choose to do the whole thing in the food processor, and they are easily made gluten free with Authentic Foods Classical Blend GF Flour, or Gluten Free Pantry all-purpose flour.   A combination of Gluten Free and Oat flour makes a heartier butter cookie, and very Scottish!

This recipe is adapted from Heaven’s Banquet recipe for Scottish Shortbread.  You can make these with ghee… which is going to have a lighter digestive effect than butter… with butter they come out a slightly more perfect short bread consistency… but they are truly delicious either way… they are just perfect with a cup of earl grey… or any warm beverage!  Vary the recipe if you like, by adding some fresh ground cardamom, or using a combination of almond extract and vanilla extract… my husband wants me to drizzle chocolate over them next time… I’ve even added coconut to them, which was yummy but I really love them as simple as can be.


1 Cup Ghee (softened) OR 1 and 1/4 Cup Butter (softened)

1 Cup packed organic light brown sugar

1/4 tsp salt

2 and 1/2 Cups flour (gluten free or oat flour works great!)

1.5 tsp vanilla extract, or almond extract (or a combination of both)


Preheat the oven to 300 degrees

Butter a 13 x 9 inch baking dish (I use glass – but metal is fine)

Cream the butter & sugar thoroughly in a food processor (or with hand mixer)

Add the dry ingredients (stir by hand with wooden spoon, or pulse in food processor until combined)

Press evenly into the buttered baking dish – it will be “short” – only about 1/4 inch thick… don’t worry!  Press evenly & gently with your hands (if it is too soft & sticky to handle, you can place the baking dish with the dough in the fridge for 15 min to firm it up)

Back 20-30 min for soft shortbread and up to 40 min for crunchier shortbread… they will become golden brown on top… careful not to burn.

Butter, according to Ayurveda is cooling and heavy.  Ghee is light and kindles the digestive fire without being heating.  Krishna, often called “The Butter Thief” was said, as a child, to steal beloved butter from the villagers in his community, as a blessing to them & their homes.  His love for butter is also symbolic… Krishna is said to have given Arjuna the “cream” of the Vedas, in his teaching on the battlefield of the Bhagavad Gīta.  Butter and ghee are both symbolic of wealth in the Vedic tradition as well. While neither should be consumed in excess, both butter and ghee are extremely nourishing to the tissues of the body, and particularly nourishing to the brain, nerves, and reproductive tissue.  Vegans will get the closest to this effect from coconut butter… and in my next experiment with these cookies, I’ll try a combination of coconut butter and coconut oil. Will let you know how it goes!


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